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Updated: May 11, 2023

Each person has a level of consciousness that is measured in a level of VIBRATION...their emotions are the indicators, to recognize them, accept them and transform them is our work.

This can be seen in the table of frequency of emotions of Dr. Hawkins, in his book "The power against the force" explains it very well.

Frequency and vibration are creators, they are responsible for the organization of matter, as was already proven at the scientific level by the German musician and physicist CHLADNI.

The frequency of the Universe is 432Hz and it is the one that best helps the human being to raise his level of consciousness, the one that has the best impact on his fiscal-emotional health.

Before 1953 all music was tuned to A 432Hz frequency ...from that date onwards the tuning to A 440Hz was imposed and this is an inharmonic tone with the resonance of the universe and nature.

Very probably that is the reason why we like so much the TANGO orchestras before the 50's...precisely because they have that ¨what do I know¨ that is the level of vibration generated by the tuning in LA 432hz.

That's why Tango is THERAPY! It is our way to raise our level of vibration and consequently our level of consciousness.

The planets are generators of energy, frequency and vibration that is why astrology is so valuable as a tool for self transformation, it helps us to know these energies to learn how to use them in our favor.

Each sign has various levels of vibration.... according to their level of consciousness each of the 12 signs of the zodiac expresses ways of being that are like stereotypes ... I will talk about this.

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