Collection of teaching DVDs by Georgina Vargas and Oscar Mandagaran

Here is our complete collection of DVDs, each focusing on a different aspect of learning Tango, Waltz, Milonga and its fundamental technique. 

The DVDs are available in digital version for immediate download or physical version for shipping.

The DVDs are in Spanish with English subtitles, in each video you will find the description of its content.

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Our Combos

Platinum Collection 14 DVDs

Excellent for committed students and teachers

  • Georgina's CD "Inolvidables"

  • Rhythmic style tango Tango

  • Romantic style

  • Oscar and Georgin Sceretos 1

  • Oscar and Georgin 2 Sceretos

  • Tango of Buenos Aires 1

  • Tango of Buenos Aires 2

  • Romantic Tango of Buenos Aires

  • Waltz of Buenos Aires

  • Milonga of Buenos Aires

  • Basic Basics Tango

  • Tango Waltz and Milonga

  • Spins

  • Steps to show off

  • Zamba and Chacarera



  • Georgina's CD "Unforgettable"