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Updated: May 11, 2023

The Eyes, the SOUL, Tango and Carlos Gardel

Surely it happened to you that looking directly into someone's eyes you managed to feel that you could see beyond what their words were telling you...maybe you perceived that "what do I know" that led you to trust or that instead made you move away...

The eyes do not lie, they cannot do it... they are the doors to our soul. At some point in our life, looking in the mirror, truly or symbolically, we will ask ourselves...who am I? Why am I here? Why am I here?

There begins our path through an inner world that leads us to the Truth... to our truth... to our purpose and how to achieve it...

So I discovered astrology...and began to see beyond what the physical eyes are able to see....

So I came to the study of the astrological be able to understand myself...But what is the astrological chart? and what is it really good for?

It is the MAP of our soul with all its secrets, virtues, pains...there is the route to our TREASURE!

Each one of us has a unique and special Treasure!

That is why the differences between all of us are so VALUABLE and SPECIAL in them lies the WAY!

Each one of us is a WORLD with a different map, with a different treasure but in the end...maybe it is the same for all of us...TO LOVE OURSELVES fully with the maximum intensity.

What we DO in our life is not is a WAY we choose to EXPRESS OURSELVES and therein lies our ability to connect with the FIRE of our soul capable of igniting our BRIGHTNESS.

Dance is one of those infinite forms of expression of the SOUL with its thousands of nuances, and TANGO is undoubtedly one of the most intense forms...or so it could be...according to the capacity of each one to connect with the deepest of our soul.

Maybe sometimes we live it from the surface, giving only our EGO the ability to express itself and sometimes we reach the depths of our being and let the Soul really express itself.

If I had to make an astral chart of Tango...which does not have a precise date in which we can determine its birth, I would say that it is best to associate it with its greatest historical exponent, Carlos Gardel... and in fact his date of birth, December 11, is today celebrated with the National-International Day of Tango!

Carlos Gardel had the sun, the moon and venus in Sagittarius, symbolizing the union and harmony between what I want to be, what I need and what I desire, his emotional world and his self were united demonstrating all the strength of sagittarius with its optimism, charisma, fire of action...and above all transcending borders, cultures and even time.

And you see, this also happens to tango....

His ascendant was Libra and here we can see the expression of harmony and beauty that we look for so much in Tango, the aesthetic quality that characterizes it, its sensuality...going back to Gardel we see this Libra energy in the world in which he triumphs, music with its unmistakable vocal expression and cinema, these are all aspects of Libra energy and clearly we see them also present in Tango.

His North Node was in Gemini. The north node is that point in our birth chart that speaks to us of that experience that we came to live and integrate fully, in its highest vibration.

Gemini is communication, the explorer child, curious, moving between the known and the unknown...between tradition and is ideas, music, verbal expression, teaching in its practical form of how I do it...and if we look at the history of Tango we realize that this is how it is and will continue to be. Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite poles of the same axis...therefore they ask us to assimilate, to integrate both extremes, both visions and perceptions without falling in the rigid aspect, in the fanaticism of these two signs...the stubborn and fundamentalist, immovable thoughts, incapable of considering other points of view...

Just in this 2020 we are transiting again through the north node in Gemini...every time a person who was born with this north node returns to transit through it, it is a moment in which something happens in life to push this person back to his path, resuming his route...towards his mission...And this push will be more or less strong and drastic depending on where the person is...if he is very far away clearly the push will be more abrupt...

So the Tango is also going through such an important moment where we are looking for a direction...and seeing the "how" we will do it but always focused on integrating Sagittarius, the essence, the truth and Gemini, the expression, the communication in its highest vibrations. But not to confuse them too would be simple if we just remember to put love in everything...thoughts, emotions and actions. That would be enough for everything in life.

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