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TANGO: what are you missing?

If you don't know Spanish, unfortunately you are missing a big part of tango: its lyrics.

Although today with a good translator you can understand quite well, if the tango contains lunfardo it will be more difficult to get a good translation made by artificial intelligence...(I will explain better what lunfardo is).

There are playful, funny, funny tango, but there are deeply heartbreaking and dramatic tango. Tango lyrics are very varied and express a wide range of emotions and situations.

We like the sung tango much more, simply because they transmit more. The singer's voice is very important and we believe that it completes the orchestra's work brilliantly with respect to making the tango's message felt. When you know the lyrics you understand the music, the reason for the musical form chosen by the tango arranger.

We are very emotional and at the moment of dancing that prevails over our way of interpreting. For example as you can see in this short video of the Tango "Recién" by the Pedro Laurenz Orchestra and the extraordinary voice of Alberto Podestà, written by the great poet Homero Manzi and music by Osvaldo Pugliese...what they did it's an artwork (you can see our video in the link below).

If you understand its lyrics you will understand why there are movements that are not adapted to its interpretation...we cannot make virtuosity and complicated steps that generate applause while the orchestra and its singer are communicating a deep and painful feeling, which invites to introspection as the lyrics of this tango express. And if it touches you personally, if you have lived something similar or if you are very empathetic then it will be even more emotional and the pauses and the soft movements will be necessary for its interpretation...

We believe that maybe that is why sometimes not everyone understands the importance of the pauses...they are much more than a moment to pause, to feel and embrace, to enjoy...they are a moment to let the emotion run through the body and process the depth of the feelings of life that as human beings unite us all equally.

Video with the complete Tango to listen to:

Here are the lyrics of this wonderful tango.


Today, just now, just now,

I come back again to your side with my life

hiding the failures,

hiding the wounds.

And today when I find

the protection of your serene hands

I just feel that it grieves me

to know that I did you wrong.

I was younger

and my heart reckless

through streets of deceit

rolled, rolled clumsily.

You loved me, so much and so much

that I grew tired of your sadness

and not to hear you cry

I preferred not to see you anymore.

Today, just now, just now,

I look at things without shadows or lies

and I understand how much I've learned

the lessons of life

Today, when I returned,

I thought I would find the reproach of your oblivion

and I only found the punishment

of all your forgiveness.

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