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Singer or dancer?

In order came into my life: piano, singing, dancing... and I had to choose, I stayed with dancing.... Then came back the singing.... and later the piano, although with little intensity accompanied by it, the piano helps me to keep growing...

What do you like more? Dancing or singing?

It's the classic question... my answer?

Dancing I enjoy it in the body, I don't think and everything flows, I feel protected in his arms and I feel a deep union with everything…

Singing is different, I am in the world of the author, of what I express with the words, with the melody, with the movements in my face, in my arms and hands... I am facing the people and in front of the group, wich takes me out of my comfort zone... but I achieve that magic fusion between music and words that gives me intense and transforming revelations at an emotional level...

The truth is that I don't have the answer... I love both... each one in its own moment..

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