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REBEL (Rebeldia - Tango)

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We already know that tango is something that traps us, or at least we know it, those who like me, are trapped in it...its ability to bring out the emotions is something that always made me explore my own inner world and led me to rediscover myself in many things, ways and in turn introduced me to the way to harmonize, understand and understand the ¨other ¨ . For me dancing is not just a beautiful movement, it is something that goes far beyond this, which includes many parallels and that is why the union that I make between Tango and evolutionary astrology is something that comes naturally to me. Both, Tango and Astrology are two paths that have served me and continue to serve me to know myself, to know the other and to look for harmony and finally union. I fully believe in unconditional love, in the love that embraces everything, I believe in the love of Pisces, (maybe because that's where my ascendant and south node are 😀) ...that's why an embrace, a room full of people dancing to the beat of tango, for me symbolize the masterful union that embraces only tango knows how to do, able to unite perfect strangers...

So, this is why I decided to express something that was always kept in my mind, and that was only the subject of talks with Oscar (who follows me in all these mental trips ♥️).

The tango that I present to you in this Contando & Cantando, is a theme of great intensity and depth...I see it as a Scorpio Tango...Scorpio, that represents very well that part of us full of pain and rage...that shows our shadow, that is hidden and that suddenly emerges with all the intensity, creating an explosive action...and leading us to rebel.

Moreover, we can notice another Scorpion aspect in this tango: the Scorpion is the only animal capable of committing suicide...and so the animal reflex of the sign leads its native:

1- to an extreme capacity to endure pain:

...hands red from squeezing the heart....

...your tyrant love that knows no reason...

...I gave you my heart in exchange for crumbs of your love¨...

....¨But it has been useless, I received for so much love contempt, falsehood and humiliation¨...

2- capacity to suffer in silence (in its negative side, enduring and accumulating anger):

...¨stifling a muffled cry of resentment¨....

3- to endure suffering in pursuit of transformation, of a greater good that will come (it is its positive side and its capacity for regeneration)

...I know that I will cry afterwards,

that I will never forget you.

I know that every night without your laughter, without your voice,

how much I will miss your love!

But it is preferable to lose you

than to remain a puppet

just to see you.

No, please leave me!

Today my love rebelled...

We all have a side of us, a sector, a stage of our life, an attitude, which is like this...we have to look for it and transform it to continue living to the fullest with the reins of our life in our hands and not let ourselves be governed by our shadows.

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