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Oscar Mandagaran: an unimaginable discovery.

Only and only life itself is the only battle for which we must fight tirelessly until we achieve its full light in our lives. It is a battle full of love where the only possible form of combat is absolute peace. As inside is outside and as outside will be inside. A back and forth in constant evolution and transformation, only possible from the inside...where science does not reach, divine light can reach and impose its perfect order to regenerate and restore the balance of being.

FAITH is the light on your path, follow it...all is well.

Please take the time and read to the end. This story holds a gift that will remain in your heart.

Paris, February 2024.

- I am out of training! I have to lose weight and train more. - Oscar said every time we danced.

What started as a simple shortness of breath while dancing turned into something we would never have imagined...

A little over a year ago Oscar began to feel short of breath while dancing. In fact I, Georgina, noticed that while rehearsing his breathing was no longer the same as before. Even his memory was not the same, today I understand that this was due to the lack of oxygen. The situation slowly worsened until in February 2024 he could not finish dancing a spite of all this nobody noticed anything because his great passion filled everything and made it invisible.

Our search began and we started thinking that it might be a heart problem, since in his family there are this kind of pathologies; his mother died in 2014 after 2 heart surgeries.

During the month of March we did all the routine examinations of the heart and everything seemed to be fine until the day we got to the stress ultrasound: that day Oscar could not finish it because of shortness of breath, better known as dyspnea.

He was sent for a heart scan on Monday April 8th and there we could see a left pleural effusion and a pericardial effusion.

At this point everything changed and the cardiologist referred Oscar to a pulmonologist. On Friday, April 12, we were already at the Insitut Mutualiste Montsouris with the pulmonologist who made an extraction of the pleural fluid, approximately 1.5 liters. Clearly this liquid was passed to the laboratory who would make the analysis together with more blood tests in search of all kinds of pathologies that could produce pleural effusion.

Now, free of all that liquid, Oscar felt his lungs in action again and the first thing he did was to dance. During the rehearsal he felt much better than usual but still not like before, we thought that maybe the lungs had to find the capacity to expand again and we did not worry too much.

The day of the pleural fluid extraction the pulmonologist sent him for a thoracic scan, which he did on Wednesday April 17th.

That day Oscar went alone to do the exam, convinced that everything would be fine, and I stayed home doing homework with Nicolas. Suddenly the phone rang and I heard him in tears saying: “I don't understand what is happening! I have a pleural effusion again! Fucking hell...

This was not good at all.

All this went on while daily life continued as normal. Under that normality all the worries were going on and luckily Tango, the classes, the students, the friends, without knowing what was happening, helped us to distract and during those moments everything was fine; although Oscar had problems to breathe it seemed that Tango healed everything and we had to keep on dancing.

We immediately wrote to the pneumology secretary of the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris informing about the result of the exam and they immediately anticipated the appointment to April 19th.

At this point, when we returned to the pneumologist, he sent him more blood tests and without having the complete results of the blood test and the pleural fluid extracted on April 12th, he gave us a folder that totally changed the point of view. The folder said: CITT Centre d'Investigation des Tumeurs du Thorax (Thorax Tumors Research Center).

Without saying anything, it said it all. We already understood the direction this had taken.

He explained that he had already spoken to the Evesio Nuclear Medicine Center to ask for an urgent Pet Scan. He told us what the test was about and we clearly understood his suspicion.

When we left the consultation with the pulmonologist we were already receiving the call from the Nuclear Medicine Center to perform the test on Thursday, April 25th.

The day arrived and Oscar did the test. At the end of the exam the doctor gave us the results and asked us: - Have you ever been exposed to asbestos? - Oscar didn't even know what asbestos was and clearly didn't know if he had ever been exposed to it. The Pet Scan images showed three nodules in the left pleura of different sizes and, fortunately, all the other organs were healthy.

There was still the possibility and hope that they were infectious foci....

The next day, Friday, April 26, we went again to meet with the pneumologist who would perform the biopsy. As he had explained to us on our previous visit on Friday, April 19, he needed to see the exact positions of these nodules in order to perform the biopsy at those precise points. Oscar was taken to the “cure room”, as it is called in France, where he would have the biopsy done on an outpatient basis and while the nurses were preparing him, the doctor went to his office. I was outside waiting and watching. I began to hear his voice getting louder, not very usual for the French, other doctors came in, I could hear him talking on the phone and suddenly he came out and handed me some papers. They were the results of the pleural fluid examination: abundant presence of mesothelial cells.

He looked at me and said: “We can already say that it is a tumor. I was going to do a biopsy but due to the position they are in I cannot do it. I will talk to the surgeon to schedule an emergency thoracoscopy. He will have to stay in the hospital for a few days to be able to do it.

The world had just completely collapsed...the despair was enormous.

When we left, we already had an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday, April 30, to talk about how the operation would be. And also the appointment with the anesthesiologist on Friday, May 3rd.

On the day of the appointment with the surgeon he informed us about the date when the thoracoscopy would be performed: Monday, May 6th, the same day of our son Nicolas' 13th birthday.

The day of the operation went by with all the anxiety you can imagine...he was there waiting for his turn and I was at home without knowing anything. When I was getting ready to go back to the hospital, according to the schedule when everything would be finished and Oscar would already be in his room, the hospital called me to tell me that the surgery was delayed due to an emergency.

Finally at 3:30 pm Oscar called me and he was already in his room but he barely had the strength to speak. Everything had gone well, the biopsy had been done and we should wait about 10 days to have the results.

I run to the hospital and when I get to his room the surgeon also arrives to see him and talk to us. Luckily for me, the surgeon is Italian and that makes communication much easier for me since I speak Italian better than French. He tells us that everything went well and that he will remain with the drain until they see what they can remove it. He had a drainage tube placed in his chest which is used to aspirate the blood and liquid produced by the operation. That is really painful, it did not let him breathe well, nor eat and clearly move. When he was almost leaving I asked him: - What did you really see? Can you please tell us anything?

He answers us: - According to my experience, and it has been more than 15 years, it is a mesothelioma. The biopsy will tell us what type it is and what stage it is in. Think about where the chemotherapy will be done.

A shudder ran through our bodies...

The days went by and the pain was getting worse, the anesthesia was gone, the morphine, although it is good for the pain, has many side effects...the drainage in the thorax is very painful. The days in the hospital went well, from a medical and personal point of view, everything was impeccable. It is an excellent place where everything is coordinated to perfection, with a technically prepared staff but also humanly. The attention was great and at all times we felt that we were in the perfect place for everything to go well.

On Thursday May 8th they took out the thoracic drainage and that was a huge relief and 24 hours later, on Friday May 9th, he was already leaving the hospital.

Finally the return home...lost and disoriented about what to do, how to go on and dealing with the great pain produced by the pleurodesis...but luckily someone invented anti-painkillers.

Pleurodesis is a procedure during which chemicals or medications are used to swell the pleural layers together to form a fibrosis. This prevents the accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity. It is used to treat severe pleural effusion which is precisely what creates dyspnea, difficulty in breathing. So with this operation, in addition to extracting the tissue for the biopsy, they also proceeded to a treatment to improve the quality of life by preventing the accumulation of liquid that is created as a result of the tumor.

There were still days to see the doctors again and to know the exact result of the biopsy. In the meantime we had to think and look for information, a lot of information to be able to choose. We needed to find alternative ways, look for therapies, find out prices, make calculations...more information meant more chances of success.

The search for a treatment took us on an intellectual tour of the world, seeing healing possibilities everywhere. With our minds we found ourselves in Mexico, in Spain, in England...and so we were seeing treatment possibilities everywhere, adding confusion and disorder to our desperation.

Until we let go...and it clicked....

The cure will come but first we must heal inside. The road to travel begins inside: thoughts, emotions, anger, pain... many things need to be released so that the energy of life can flow again through the body. It is necessary to start by bringing everything to light and letting it go... Without explanations.

May 21st came, the day of the appointment with the pulmonologist, and one day later the appointment with the surgeon...The results were ready although both times they made me tell them to me. Maybe it is a technique so that they do not have to give the news and it falls like a bombshell. Since the surgeon had already expressed his opinion that it could be a mesothelioma the same day of the operation, then when we arrived at the appointment with the pulmonologist he asked us: - Well, I think the surgeon already told you what it was, didn't he? -

I answer - Yes! He already told us that it could be a pleural mesothelioma. And the results of the biopsy, are they ready? - To which he replies - We need another 24 hours, but we already know, almost 100%, that it is of the epithelioid type. -

The same thing happens the next day. We arrive and the doctor asks us if we already know what it is and when we answer he confirms it by giving us the result of the biopsy.

Nothing more...14 minutes of talk to give us the news of something that according to current medicine has no cure and the only thing that can be done is to try to slow down the progression by doing constant chemotherapy treatments until the body resists and/or someone finds a today's conventional medicine goes this far. The surgeon had already done his job masterfully, there was nothing more he could do.

So... what do we do? Do we go down a road already traveled that we already know where it leads? Or do we try something new?...We will try everything.

We will continue investigating and looking for therapies for the cure even if the doctors say that there are none because we are sure that they do exist.... even if they don't know it yet.

The tango showed us that something was wrong...and the doctors, supported by an excellent health system, found the cause.

For the moment we will go back to put our feet in the sand, in the sun and the sea of Alicante, to my father's house who is a doctor, to find calm, to be able to think and to start the healing process.

We left Paris with our hearts full of love, feeling the enormous affection and support of all the people who surrounded us. Here we have guardian angels and they know who they are. An intense city, with wonderful people, full of solidarity, ready at all times to lend a hand. We left Paris with great gratitude for everything we experienced there and with the great desire to be able to return to keep sharing our beloved Tango.

As Oscar says:

- I will soon return being a new Oscar strengthened in the body and in the spirit.

We will continue to spread Tango around the world because we do not know how to live in any other way than sharing everything we do.


If you have made it this far it is because you are sensitive and empathetic, you are not afraid of this and this gives you great power.

Many people will stop reading because this story may connect with their fears, they may feel the need to run away from pain because or they may simply be just focused on their own life. It's all good...

But if you have come this far it is because you have courage, because you are able to think of the other, you have the strength to overcome pain and you feel you are part of something bigger. I invite you then to connect with that divine energy that moves everything, with the joy of life: be grateful for that... and use all that power for yourself and to offer it to those around you.

Live with joy, expressing love at every moment.

Value the life you have with every breath, smile and be grateful.

Don't google what mesothelioma is and what science says about's no good...we already know and it doesn't help. If you want to do something use LOVE and use your FAITH...use the power of meditation to send healing energy. Send it with your mind to Oscar and everyone...there are many people going through similar situations.

Close your eyes and visualize a body full of light, visualize the divine energy going through the veins of the body and bringing oxygen and all that is necessary for the body to heal itself.....

“We were born perfect and perfect we must remain perfect” as Elvira, Oscar's grandmother used to say.

Use your mind and with it generate new thoughts, affirmations that change the vibration of your world, and in turn the world. Believe it and create it. Don't let fear feed the collective consciousness and flow through the air influencing other minds to create a domino effect that drags the world towards pain, fear and selfishness every day. Do you want to help? Live with joy, be grateful for everything and express your love without fear.

FAITH moves mountains, FAITH creates miracles, FAITH opens the sea and shows you the way?

So let's put our belief in a place where that almighty can guide our life and give us the FAITH we need to continue living from love.

Your love energy heals the world and the world is you.

Love the people next to you as yourself because he is just another reflection of yourself, he and you are the same and you are everyone.

Heal Oscar with your mind... Bless his life, bless your life and keep on loving.

May the healing energy reach Oscar from all corners of the world and at the same time to everyone who needs it.

If you wish, you can share this and leave us your message. Share in the comments below your healing affirmations and let's spread a healing energy for everyone.

And if you want to help us through this moment we invite you to read the article in the link below where we explain how you can do it in a simple way and in turn let us bring growth in your dance through our experience.

August 13th 2023 Oscar's birthday Alicante Spain

May 6, 2024 after thoracoscopy enjoying the rainbow at the “Institut Mutualist Montsouris” Hospital in Paris - France.

Video recorded in May 2022 at “Balcon del Mediterraneo” Benidorm Spain

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