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It is one of the most beautiful pieces composed by the creative genius of Astor Piazzolla, which today is in the repertoire of both tango and symphonic orchestras.

The inspiration for its composition came from the United States (hence its name in English) and it is about oblivion.

It became world famous thanks to Marco Bellocchio's film "Enrico IV" released in 1984, who included it in his soundtrack at key moments.

The great poet Horacio Ferrer wrote the lyrics, as he used to do with many of Piazzolla's works.

In 1984 the Italian singer Milva sings it in Paris accompanied by Astor Piazzolla himself and leaves immortalized an interpretation of great drama that sees as protagonist the second lyrics of Oblivion composed by David McNeil (son of the famous artist Marc Chagall) New York composer based in France.

Here we share with you the video we danced while we were in Italy, more precisely in Calabria, in July 2021. It was very interesting how the inspiration for this video was born. We had arrived at the hotel where we were going to stay for a few days waiting between one show and another, and when we saw the room, the colors and the warmth, Oblivion came to mind... that place looked like a postcard, as if we had entered the portal of time. And the funny thing is that there is a strange relationship between the verses written by David McNeil and our video, although without knowing it since at that time we didn't know those lyrics. At the time of recording the video we only knew the original lyrics by Horacio Ferrer...although I think that reading McNeil's verses and listening to Milva singing them in French, I believe, they are the ones that best describe the feelings of this magical and transporting song.

So, as if all the information was in the air, in the matrix, we captured, for a few moments, an energy and put it in a video.

Here are the lyrics of Oblivion written by David McNiel:


Suddenly they seem heavy

The sheets and the velvet of your bed

When I forget even our Love...


Suddenly they seem heavy

Your arms around me

In the night

A ship departs


People are parting

I forget I forget...

Dance video (horizontal)

Video danced (vertical for the phone)

Video to listen to Oblivion sung by Milva together with Piazzolla with David McNeil's verses.

Video of Oblivion with Milva and Piazzolla in concert to Paris always with the verses of Mc Neil

Oblivion sung by Roxana Fontan with lyrics written by Horacio Ferrer

Letra de Oblivion por Horacion Ferrer

He is Oblivion, faith of the never and the no,

brutal faith of forgetting for eternity.

He is Oblivion, law of ingratitude,

astral sorcerer.

Thug of forgetfulness

and the memoryless is Oblivion king.

He is like a well in passion to bury

that blooms by bleeding

the stigmata of the heart.

Light beheaded of a time so happy

today Oblivion you will erase (forget) me.

He, exhausting challenge, returns to zero equal

the real, the best, the fatal.

He hypnotizes you with painful honey

of absent love,

to finalize, drunk, bitter and vile,

the sacred yesterday, Oblivion king.

(He is like a well in passion to bury

that blooms in bleeding

the stigmata of the heart.

Light beheaded of a time so happy)

Today Oblivion you are going to erase (forget) me.

(Oblivion king... )

And you, which version do you like more?

The one with David McNiel's lyrics or Horacio Ferrer's?

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