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If you invite me to dance...

Because of my role as a teacher and dancer, I don't dance much in milongas.

Men are more shy than women when it comes to ask a professional dancer to dance and that shows their respect and those who rush to invite me in a very insistent way, are usually the ones who are eager to show me their whole repertoire of badly learned steps and out of music just so they can have fun.

Dancing is a two-way thing, where both are giving themselves to each other, trusting each other and respecting each other. In my vision, in broad strokes, there are two ways, two ways to approach the dance:

  • a dance in the form of a game, where the steps and creativity flow, where there is complicity and dynamism between the roles (this requires an advanced level of dance).

  • a dance where the main thing is the connection, the pure and simple emotion, the musicality without virtuosity, and movements that do not require more steps than simple walks and above all to know how to embrace (this can be approached at all levels of dance).

These two forms can be alternated in one person, adapting to the will of the person with whom one dances...

If we talk about my point of view, as a woman, dancer and teacher, what I enjoy the most is when whoever asks me to dance knows how to embrace, a comfortable embrace, where I feel the real presence of the man's chest and where his arms truly contain. A simple but very musical dance, with a lot of pause and where I feel that the priority is me.

I am giving you my body for you to guide it, but I need to feel that you protect me:

- with your embrace

- with the choices of your steps

- with the right circulation on the dance floor.

We are all different, we think and feel differently but I believe that if there is something that unites us in feeling it is the search for harmony and peace. That is what I want when someone invites me to dance.

I want your dance to be harmonious, with me, with the music and with the space.

I want your mind to be focused on me, to guide me, to feel my movements, to wait for me and to contain me.

Nothing else...choose your movements with care, so that each one of them is danced with love and we can use them to integrate ourselves to the music as if we were just another instrument.

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