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Updated: May 11, 2023

Maybe this is a topic that many... will not like, I thought about it for a while but... what does it matter... at the end of the day I am me and my thoughts and everything is a reflection of what is in my mind so here I am.

From the astrological point of view there is something very clear when looking at an astrological chart which is the predominance of an element, such as fire or air which are masculine energies or water and earth which are feminine, to that is added the energy of the signs and the number of planets in masculine or feminine signs.... so we can make a balance of these polarities and this will give us the predominant energy in the person...there could be a good balance or the reverse could be more polarized towards one of the two extremes, thus creating a more masculine, extroverted person where the impulse and action predominate or more feminine, where the receptive, introspective and seductive predominate. . For example an Aries woman, which is masculine energy, with a Venus, which is a feminine energy, but in a sign like Aries which is masculine will result in a very active woman, confident, able to go for what she wants and open her way ... and that is seen as something masculine ... do you understand? That is why there are people in whom one of the two energies is more evident...and in that case they will have to activate their weak side, be it the feminine or the masculine one, in order to really accept, integrate and harmonize their qualities and capacities,

So going back to the title of this podcast, machismo or feminism...they are the same, they are standing on the same pole of a masculine-feminine axis, with the same vibration of rejection of the feminine side feeling it as we call a man with excess of masculinity a macho man and a woman with excess of masculinity a feminist.

Now, I am going to include at this point a planet called Uranus...whose transit takes it to be about 7 years for each singo. Uranus is the structure breaker...the revolutionary...the one who comes to change what is no longer valid. This planet was in :

Aquarius from 1996 to 2003 and there we saw all the communitarian technological innovation like the internet and much more...

In Pisces from 2003 to 2010 and there was a new artistic sensitivity and for example in Tango we see a huge increase in the number of people who begin to dance, but also the dark side of this Uranus in Pisces is all the management of sexuality and so we see among many things the increase in the use of the female image as a marketing tool to increase the desire to sell a product and encourage the purchase or also the realities that are shown and hidden in social networks ...

From 2011 to 2019 Uranus passes to Aries and here he enters with all his energy of impulse of action, creation and starts all kinds of projects especially individualistic ones, and clearly the competitions grow because that is the low energy of Aries, who in the highest should be the one who opens ways to others... and during this period feminism also develops, with the word that everyone loves so much... the empowerment in this case of women who were being used for their sensual side, taking advantage for all kinds of uses.

But well, this passage of Uranus through Aires helped women to bring out all their masculine energy, although some of them went beyond the point of balance and transformed into machismo. Sometimes I am surprised to read in women's profiles that proudly define themselves as feminists... I think maybe they do not realize that it would be the same as reading in a man's profile as a descriptive adjective of himself the word macho... as I said, they are the same type of energy polarized towards the masculine extreme... I hope they understand that it is all about balance, about letting these two energies dance and unite giving the best of each one of them in an energetic and astral dance.

In tango we see this empowerment in many ways, whether it is the women dancing with each other, teaching alone and being the ones who shine in a couple leading the spectator only to look at them etc...there are many which this energy is expressed...and we also have a feminist movement in Tango...but well....

Finally in 2019 Uranus enters Taurus, the calm, sensual and persevering Taurus, a feminine energy tremendously connected with her senses and with the earth...with the tangible able to realize and materialize what does work. So I believe we are at the beginning of a possibility of balance and reconnection with what is really important.

We are just at the beginning of this Uranus x Taurus transit (I wrote thei in September 2020) and it has already shown us all the Uranian energy taking us out of our comfort zone and forcing us to be precindent of many the course of this Uranus transit through Taurus, until 2025 it will lead us to connect with the true goodness to awaken transcendental qualities in us.

Clearly in Tango we will see it, most probably in an impulse to reconnect with the essence.

Obviously these changes will also have as main point the relationship between man-woman, feminine and masculine, our internal, and society's. Hopefully the poles will disappear and we will be able to create a true harmony. Men should reconnect with their masculine side but without going to the macho pole and activate in turn their sensitive and receptive feminine side, integrating the two energies and women should remain empowered by their masculine side, but without going to the feminist-macho pole returning or including that feminine side that characterizes them ...

So neither machismo nor feminism...

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