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ENERGY...Mars and Venus in TANGO

Updated: May 11, 2023

I remember the moment when for the first time I heard it spoken and for the first time I paid attention to the word ENERGY. 💡 For sure, I will have heard it thousands of times before that time but, evidently, only at that moment I was ready to understand it with my senses...It is a word so used, it is everywhere and we are supposed to understand it perfectly, but behind it there is something that comes only when we can feel it like with our invisible source of power that gives us food, able to activate us and lead us to realize our dreams, able to push us... Indescribable...we live our whole life without realizing what we are looking for, we always look for energy, we eat to look for energy, pleasure, sex gives us energy, money, thoughts, people, plants, animals give us energy...everything absolutely everything fills our energy source, or at least it could be like that.

Why then? What happens?

There is a planet called MARS that in our birth chart represents the way we move towards our goals, the way we act and there is another planet which is VENUS that shows us our desire, our relationship with the "sources" that feed our energy, our relationship with the other, relationships of two... Mars and Venus have to be in harmony so that all that energy is really available to be used by us... it is as if they have to work together, cooperating, being in perfect agreement... That is why sometimes it seems that our desire and our action are not in agreement and we do not know what to do, we do not manage to go for what we want...

Mars is the masculine and Venus is the feminine and they must flow as in a dance in order to create a harmonic energy.

Mars and Venus are the two extremes of the same polarity that at a biological level is sexuality, our instinct-sexual impulse (Mars) and our relationship with it (Venus) to accept it-direct it and sometimes transform it for the other.

In the world of Tango we can see it, this Mars-Venus relationship, in action everywhere...

In TANGO VENUS would be our way to connect with our dance partner, our connection with the music, our capacity to appreciate and value the beauty of the dance, and MARS represents our force of action, our warrior side that carries out its will, our capacity to open paths, to go for what we want... and desire but as long as it is in harmony with VENUS...And they are not always...that is our task, that is our evolution in our path of personal development.

Sometimes Venus can be in a sign that leads the person to value human contact, the warmth of the simple, but deep embrace of tango, over the aesthetic perfection of movement and Mars instead is in a sign that enjoys competitiveness, then the person would be divided between what he/she desires and what drives him/her to act...

Orchestras like OSVALDO PUGLIESE's are the ones that connect us with the Venusian side and orchestras like JUAN D'ARIENZO's are the ones that connect us with the Mars energy. If we merge our Venusian side and our Martian side, we will create an explosion of sensations 💥.

May your Venus and your Mars be in perfect syntony and may you be an inexhaustible source of be able to realize, manifest and enjoy your dreams and desires 🌟 and clearly of the relationship with the other 😜.

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