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Dance inward or outward.

"Dancing inward" and "dancing outward" are expressions that can have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used but in our environment, with them, we refer to the "type of dancing" we do.

Dancing inward: This expression refers to dancing in a more introspective way, where dancers concentrate on their own sensations, emotions, feelings and personal expression. It is characterized by smoother, more controlled movements, focused on the inner connection of the couple, with musicality and a lot of dedication to make the performance flow.

It is usually the form chosen, intuitively, by milongueros.

Dancing outward: On the other hand, it indicates a more extroverted and energetic expression, where dancers focus on projecting their energy and movement outwards, towards the audience. It is associated with larger, more dynamic and visually impactful movements that generate applause and admiration. They are movements loaded with greater visual beauty, with a lot of musical precision that clearly require a lot of practice. It is usually the dance form of professional dancers, both in ballroom and on stage.

Dancing outward is almost necessary to be able to seek fame in the world of Tango, at least today, where people are used to an excess of visual stimulation, watching videos all day and every time they need something stronger to be surprised and receive that injection of dopamine that makes them feel good. That's how social networks work and that's why they catch you and spend your time that generates money for them...but well, let's go back to our case: Tango.

This dance also uses typical marketing resources, such as the excessive use of sensuality bordering on sexuality, dresses, gestures, insinuations, movements, etc...all to increase likes. Whether you like it or not, it doesn't matter, because your message against it still serves for the algorithm and improves the visualization, so it always increases the know? All this is very "normal", it is used with any product that wants to sell and it also happened with Tango and that's why we are surrounded by an empty and superficial dance.

When someone enters the world of Tango, they usually come totally seduced by this dance "to the outward". It is very difficult for this not to be the case, and when it is not, they are very sensitive people, with a lot of introspection and internal path of self-knowledge.

Generally in their first years of dancing (5-10 years) they all go through a tango infatuation where they only appreciate showy steps, steps that are really stage steps, they want to learn typical stage movements that they saw in couples who have been dancing all their lives and who spend all day practicing .....

If they resist this period full of frustrations and find the other tango, then a new path opens before them where the subtle, the beauty of the simple, the internal sensation produced by the music, the connection with the other are the main thing. Only now they are ready to understand what Tango can be.

For us, this dance to the inward, is a priority both in our social dance and on stage/exhibition. We have a kind of commitment between us where we help each other not to fall into superficiality, where respecting this principle is very important. We always keep the balance tilted towards a "dance for the inward" even if we are doing an exhibition because that is what nourishes us and fills our souls.

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