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Alfajores de maizena

What does it have to do with Tango, right?

Well, if you were in Buenos Aires because of the Tango you will surely know them.

They are super tasty and very easy to make.

I usually like to eat one as a dessert at noon with a coffee, that's why I make them mini, but in fact you can make them any size you want.

Here is the recipe and the video.


Mix together:

100g butter (soft at room temperature)

100g powdered sugar

Vanilla essence or lemon zest.


2 egg yolks (at room temperature)

Incorporate (previously sifted):

200g cornstarch

50g of flour 0000

a pinch of baking powder and baking soda.

Correct the humidity of the cornstarch by adding a few tablespoons of water until the correct consistency is achieved.

There are many ways to make the tops of the alfajores but the one I prefer for its practicality is to make small balls of the size you want but all of the same weight, for example I make them of 10g or 5g, but you can make them as big as you want. With the heat of the oven, during the baking, the pellets will expand and being all of the same weight they will expand uniformly and they will all be the same size.

The oven temperature is 180 degrees (Celsius) and usually about 8 - 9 minutes of cooking time.

Let them cool out of the oven and then several hours in the refrigerator.

Now they will be ready to be filled with dulce de leche and it is best to use the pastry dulce de leche style which is denser and helps them to be better assembled.

Finally, seal the edges with grated coconut.

In my son Nicolas' version, instead of coconut he uses crumbled meringue, so here you can do whatever you want and have fun using something else.

I hope they are delicious and remember to share them to maximize your enjoyment 😀.

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