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The importance of listening.

This is an important parallel, applicable in life as well as in dance: listening.

We never tire of repeating in our classes how important it is to listen to tango beyond the moments of the classes or in the milongas. If you really like to dance and want to give more sense to your dance, more musicality and value to what you dance, it is really imperative to listen to tango at home, in the all the places and moments you can throughout the day. Even if you can't actively pay attention to it and you are doing something else your subconscious is listening to it...and that remains and is of enormous importance.

Today we have many resources to learn: many classes and videos that guide us in the learning process, but listening is irreplaceable. The hours you spend listening actively or passively add quality to your dancing.

We really like all the technological evolution of the last few years, even though a lot has been lost with it... That's why in our house in Buenos Aires, in our studio, we have a record player, where we can listen to vinyls and records, which we use even during the classes. Holding the record in your hands, looking at the cover, reading the names of the tangos, their authors...all of that remains engraved in your mind and it is very nice...

We listen to tango almost every day and we are still in the process of discovering and appreciating it more and more. Details, subtleties, forms that yesterday we could not understand and / or appreciate today we discover them and so, I guess, will be tomorrow.

We leave you some youtube channels where you can find excellent selections to listen to throughout the day.

Playlist YouTube in our channel:


Here is the link to a very good playlist on his channel, but besides this one there are many others.


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