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Oscar and Georgina's extensive career as teachers showed them that to be a good dancer requires a good command of the technique. This is a very important aspect during learning that requires not only work during group or private classes but also requires continuous practice from the student. For this reason, this series of two DVDs were created where everything is focused on the work of technique. Through exercises the student will be able to understand and master his axis, posture, partner connection, elasticity of movement, density, projection, marking and tracking.  There are also chapters on pivots, eights, twists, pencil, curls, stops, stumbles, pulls, and embellishments.

A correct dedication to perfecting the technique will make elegance and sensuality grow, aspects that are the true heart of this beautiful dance.

It is advisable to study these 2 DVDs where your main focus is technique in conjunction with any of the other DVDs in the Oscar and Georgina collection as this facilitates learning and results.

The Secrets of Oscar And Georgina I and II

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