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Hand painted earring on  wood. Also with TANGO designs or astrological signs, custom made ... many possibilities of styles, color and paintings ... write me and I'll send you catalog with options avaialble at the moment, or tell me how do you want them and I 'll make it come true.

+34622583045 Shipped from Spain.

Shipping fees about U $ D 10 (up to  10 earrings) in Europe and U $ D 15 for the rest of the world.


Hand painted on wood. Also made with personalized drawings about Tango, Astrology  etc. different styles. Write me and I will send you a catalog available at the moment or tell me your idea and I will make it come true.

They are sent from Spain, shipping cost approximately U $ D 10 in Europe, U $ D 15 for the rest of the world  (for shipments of up to 10 earrings).



Hand painted earrings - Hand painted earrings

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